PowerPlus Life 3.3Kwh

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PowerPlus Batteries are one of the most reliable batteries we have ever sold. They just work and are a simple install. The best thing is their 10-year warranty and you can add at any time to grow your capacity if you want more storage, unlike traditional Off-grid lead-based batteries that you cant add to. All from an Australian Manufacturer. 


PowerPlus you can start with the minimum that your inverter and usage requires and as you grow and require more demand you can simply purchase another and add to your system. With some simple programming. Available in 24 or 48 volts. 

Purchase a minimum of 3 to receive a free prewired Victron DC Lynx Distribution bus bar.  Every 3 modules purchased you will get another prewired Lynx. Each Lynx can have a maximum of 4 batteries connected to it 

Hear what the Supplier has to say. 

Reliability that looks at home, offering you superior performance, for all your commercial, industrial, defence, humanitarian, automotive and residential applications.

The self-managed LFP battery with internal BMS offers you a safe lithium option for any solution that requires reliability, ease of use and a product that outperforms others.

With 24, 48, 120VDC models and being infinitely scalable, applications uses for the LiFe Series battery are endless.

Solar and storage, battery backup, energy shifting, peak lopping, UPS, telecommunications, AC coupling, DC coupling, off-grid and on-grid.

No application is too big or too small.

Built to the highest quality standards, incorporating components of exceptional reliability and durability,  our Australian manufactured LiFe Series is engineered to outperform and outlast its competitors.

The impressive specifications and performance come with a 10-year warranty when installed and used as set out in our warranty document and manuals.


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