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You know you have done a great job designing an off grid property when the house has a low or $0 running cost for heating, cooling and basic daily energy needs.

For over 14 years now Mike and his team have been working with homeowners to design and create Off-Grid Properties that show a low embodied energy as a part of the build and design. Off Grid living is not a new subject, people have been doing it for thousands of years. Living Off- Grid in Luxury is a different story.

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2017 was the real turning point when designing a luxury off grid property as with the advancement of the technology for power become capable of doing whatever your budget desired in an off grid property. Prior to this we heavily relied on backup generators and required a large amount of battery storage upfront as you couldn't add in the future. If you wanted to grow your energy needs you would have been required to sell the old batteries and replace them from scratch.

The best money spent when going off grid is a well-designed solar passive home.

One of the biggest problems we have seen over the years as luxury off grid living is a new thing and we see an amazing home that is designed and it just doesn't perform from an energy performance point of view. We have seen this as for over a decade we have been designing the power stations for customers and we get to see what designs have worked and what has as we have lived and breathed the energy consumption with the customers over this time. The designs that haven't worked have resulted in customers adding more batteries and more solar to their systems costing more money which was tried to be saved in the designs.

The service that we offer is to work with your Architect or property designer, to get the best outcome overall in designing your low energy home of the future. We have worked with clients who are just wanting to design what we call a Shouse (Shed House) all the way to million dollar properties with pools, under floor heating and electric vehicles.

Over the 14 years we have collected a range of professionals that allows us to either work with your team of professionals to be an extra set of eyes and easier to help design your solar passive home or we can offer a full service where we can introduce you to our A team of professionals to support you to design your Off-Grid Home.

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