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Researching and understanding what you want from an off grid property can be some of the best time and money spent. We can help you save time and money from our knowledge and 15 years experience of helping others find the dream Off Grid Property.

Design Services

We can help you find the right professionals to work with to get your property designed to use the materials you want and to create that passive solar design. We have helped Design Shouses ( Shed House) all the way to a 2 million dollar 1 bedroom Off Grid property that has every modern day feature you could imagine. Except a spare bedroom!

Getting the design of your home right is the best money spent going Off-Grid.

Building Materials

Choosing the right materials for your site can be a challenge. Picking the materials that you would like your home built from can be easy. Getting it built and completed is another story and also choosing the right materials for the location is key. We have found that if you choose the right materials whether it be Rammed earth, Hemp or working with traditional builds sustainable materials and a traditional builder.

We can help you make an educated decision on building with the right products.

Powering Your Off-Grid Property

Off- Grid isn't always buying a rural property in the middle of nowhere, We have worked and designed many urban properties to go Off-Grid in an urban environment.

If a home is designed right we wont be required to use power to heat or cool the home.

Mike has personally taken 2 urban properties off grid with zero running costs including charging his electric vehicles.

Discovery Session

A discovery session is designed for you to see if we are the right fit to work with you through your design. Our intention is to give you confidence and the support on your off grid journey to achieve the best passive solar designed property you can with your budget.

Experience is one of those things you wish you had just before you got it.

Book today to see if we are the right team to have on your A team to build your dream home.