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Raython M1

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Raython Model 1.

This system is ideal for a Weekender or an energy-efficient home. 

The 5kva inverter suits a 4000-watt constant load and more in the right conditions. 

That means you can run a small Aircon, have a small bench-top oven running, and make a cuppa at the same time, all while the fridge and lights are running. 

If you turn on a bigger load, you will likely have a blackout out, and the system will reset itself. 

You can put more than 6Kw, which is 6000 watts of panels, which is about 14-16 panels, depending on the models you choose. 

What makes these so economical is they are al all in 1 Hybrid unit. 

 The solar regulator and the Inverter charger are all in one unit. 

They come with online monitoring. All prewired and ready to go. You choose your panels and how many batteries you would like. 

We can supply panels or are happy to work with the panels you choose to buy. We have been helping people using 2nd hand panels.  Contact us to discuss your panels and the configuration so we can determine the maximum number of panels.

They also have brilliant features for running electric hot water off-grid or turning on water pumps to pump water to a header tank when batteries are full. They have some great, easy-to-use features for the end end user. 

If you search for us on YouTube, you will see some natural live testing we have done and how the features work. 

Contact us, and we can supply you with all the data sheets for each specific product in the box. 

They come with OLiPower batteries, an Australian manufacturer known for supplying batteries to large commercial electric mining vehicles based on the Goldcoast QLD.

The great thing about these batteries is they have high discharge current, which means you can get more out of the battery with peak loads.  That means you can start with one battery and work up to 4 in the box.  Rememebre these battreis are made to run very large mining trucks. 

5 kW Hybrid inverter + 5 to 20 kWh battery storage

  • The ideal solution for holiday houses or single-family houses that have no access to the grid power and the users often use generators as their power supply
  • Low pollution and low fuel consumption, a perfect solution for people who pursue a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Expertly assembled, tested, and shipped as a complete system
  • On arrival, the Raython system is ready to install, and the all-in-one design makes it easy to install and saves you precious time.
  • Raython Model 1 and Model 2 Systems are designed for applications with a daily power use from 10kWh-20kWh to meet your different power needs.


All our kits come pre-wired and pre-programmed, ready to go.  We can supply and work with your electrician or help you find an installer if required. 

With all our kits, you get access to The Off Grid Tribe educational platform, which has weekly podcasts, a private community and many educational videos to help accelerate your Off-Grid living journey.