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RedEarth CopperHead (22.5kW)| Off-Grid

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Our next-generation utility-grade system, designed for commercial and industrial operations.

RedEarth proudly presents the CopperHead, an advanced utility-grade three-phase system designed to revolutionize your energy experience. With the flexibility to function as a standalone on-grid battery energy storage system or seamlessly transform into an off-grid setup with auto-generator control, CopperHead is the epitome of adaptability.

At its core, the CopperHead boasts a Selectronic multi-mode inverter, complemented by a Fronius PV inverter, state-of-the-art integrated monitoring, and the capability to house up to 33 of RedEarth’s renowned Australian-made Troppo batteries. This amalgamation empowers you to oversee every facet of your energy requirements effortlessly.

Sheltered within an IP54 enclosure fortified with dual air-conditioning units, the CopperHead is engineered to defy Australia's harshest climates. A relentless guardian of power continuity, ensuring you're never left in the dark.

Tailored for larger residences, commercial and industrial settings, farms, and microgrids, the CopperHead stands as a scalable solution. Its field-upgradeable design ensures that it evolves in sync with your ever-changing needs.

Elevate your energy game with CopperHead – where innovation, resilience, and adaptability converge to redefine power consumption.


CopperHead (22.5kW): 

  • 3 x 7.5kw Selectronics SPPro Inverter chargers
  • 1 x 15kw Fronius Symo SCERT Included
  • (opt up to 45kw managed PV Inverters)
  • 22.5kW continuous 3Ph (54kW surge)
  • On-board Auto Gen Start & 12V Generator Starter Battery Charger
  • 10-year RedEarth warranty
  • AS4777 on grid compliant
  • Customer monitoring available if WiFi/Internet provided
  • Optional RedEarth Optimum monitoring (including 4G backup) with first three months free
  • Plug ‘n Play design for installers
  • 1050kg + 42.5kg per battery 150 (h) x 300 (w) x 125 (d) cm
  • IP43 outdoor rated, weatherproof enclosure with twin air conditioners
  • Up to 33x 4.1kWh Troppo batteries (135.3kWh nominal capacity)

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Power Output

15kW – 22.5kW three-phase

Surge Power

18kW – 54kW

Solar Power

Up to 20kW

Batteries (usable)  

 Up to 110kWh

Battery Voltage (nominal)


IP Rating


Temperature Range

-10ºc to +45ºC (ambient)


  • Optional Active Climate
  • Control available for extreme temperature locations

Dimensions (mm)

2650W x 1500H x 1230D (mm)