Zenaji Aeon LTO Battery Bank

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The Zenaji Aeon Battery is a leap forward in battery storage.  Zenaji Aeon Batteries offer market-leading robustness, safety, life-span and the most cost-effective solution available in the world today.  The Zenaji Aeon Battery is designed for use in domestic, commercial and stand-alone energy storage installations.

These are one of our favourite Batteries available in the Australian market. 

If you are considering Nickel iron batteries than this comes with the same life expectancy without the headaches of a Nickel Iron set up. 


Nickel Iron has been the battery that has had the longest life expectancy of any battery and now the LTO technology has taken over. 


The great thing about the LTO is you can always add to the systems and grow your capacity. You just buy another module when you are ready. 

This is a gamechanger for Off-Grid and te Sustaiablity for Battery based systems. 

 Australian Company who is currently working on a manufacturing plant in Australia. 


 Discounts on Multiples



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